How to I unfold ALL things in CLion?

How do I unfold all things by default in CLion in all languages (C++, python, perl, etc)?

I already disabled all in Editor-General-Code folding but in Perl I still got the comments folded...


It does work. But there is a side-effect i will investigate.

After disabling default comments collapsing - it woks with newly opened files. But seems old state is cached. So you need to expand them manually in already opened files (don't know, may be it's a intended behavior, but would be strange). 

Also, it's more effective to report Perl5 plugin bugs into it's github tracker:

I've submitted a bug with about this problem, feel free to follow:


Perl is my least concern, my problem is CLion. I have 300+ files and I have #ifdef all over the place, like this one:

And the second line is always hidden with "...", instead of showing it. I want to expand all #ifdef in all the files. Can I do this?

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {

From your question i've decided that everything works fine but perl.


I thought this also at the moment but when I started using more files from the project it seems that it is not ok.


Ok. Updated information: this is intentional behavior of current version of IDE. In the next version will have a better behavior.

For now you may only open file and click 'expand all' hotkey.


Ok thank you, it's a bit strange to open 300+ files and press expand all.

If I press "expand all" for a file, it will remain expanded when I restart CLion?


One last question, not related to this but I see that you are very kind to answer me.:D

Why that 3rd file from my list has a "V" sign before its name? It's the only file from the project having that "V" and I don't know what it means.:)

Thank you


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