Handlebar files mark html tags like span as Unresolved variable or type

When editing a handlebars file in Webstorm, every single html tag is marked as Unresolved variable or type span. In addition, if I apply Reformat Code (CTRL + ALT + L), spaces are added before and after each html tag.

  • Preferences > Plugins > Handlebars/Mustache Enabled
  • Language & Frameworks > JavaScript > Libraries: handles-DefinitelyTyped and HTML enabled.
  • ESLint is enabled.

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can't recreate. Please can you provide a .hbs file that shows up the issue? Also, please check if you have any custom language injections defined in Preferences | Editor | Language Injections

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I did not have any custom language injections. My project settings / global settings somehow got in a bad state.


  1. I deleted the folders: <project>/.idea and ~/.WebStorm2017.1
  2. Reinstalled Ember.JS plugin

Issue is now gone.

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Had an exactly same problem and turned out that setting project template language to HTML solved the problem. (Template Data Languages > Project Language: html)


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