Select next tab not working after update to 2017.1 Appcode


After I update my version to 2017.1, my "select next tab" didn't work.

How can I fix it?

Official comment

Hi Marcus.

The problem is likely related to the ongoing rework of keyboard layouts. Our apologies for inconvenience.

In the meantime, until the issue is resolved, you may want to try a workaround (the only difference is: it's better to use newer JB runtime #801 instead of #795).

I means the short cut didn't work for me. Both "cmd + shift + [" and "cmd + shift + ]".


Hi Tatiana,
Thanks for your help, it just work now with the workaround, but if next time release a new version, should I remove this workaround setting?



Not sure when IntelliJ IDEA platform plans to release the fix for IDEA-165950 but, in general, yes - after the fix it should work with bundled JDK without any workaround. I'd rather suggest you subscribe as watcher to IDEA-165950 and see when "Fixed in builds"/"Fix versions" change. When the fix is released you can communicate with the responsible developer (Denis Fokin) in the ticket on any doubtful points (regarding workaround setting and other).


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