JetBrains has drank the Ad revenue cool-aid?

So why when I am checking out posts to look at updates, after paying for a product, I am subjected to ads, let alone ones that auto scroll a reader away from what one is trying to read.

Sorry guys, but really? Pulling in Ad revenue from license paying subscribers to your products via your blog page?

Please answer with something that makes sense or some ways to op out of seeing this drivel when I am trying to find out important stuff like what improvements to the product JetBrains as made. IT is hard to focus on the good when I keep getting scrolled away to video adds about Sweden or Trump???

Official comment

Hi Andrew,

Let me clarify some of the points from JetBrains side in addition to Andriy's comment.

Third-party tool Disqus is used for comments on some of the JetBrains resources (such as PhpStorm blogs and .NET help), and Disqus have publicly announced new terms and conditions of using the service on 25th of April making it impossible to use ads-free version of the tool free of charge (which was always the case). The same time, they have enabled ads on all of the Disqus accounts which have not been switched to a paid version, including JetBrains resources.

As soon as it came to our attention that ads start to appear on our resources, we have immediately signed up for a paid Disqus account to remove all ads from our pages and accounts. We've disabled all Disqus-powered ads on our resources by 27th of April.

We have never had any plans to show third-party ads on our product resources or make any revenue out of it.

Sorry for inconvenience!

Hi there,

I'm not working for JetBrains .. but would like to know a tiny bit more.


Can you please share a screenshot with the ads and the page URL?

I assume it would be something like this: and the ad would be just above the comments/just below them?

Is that correct?

If that's so -- those are adverts pushed automatically by Disqus and not JetBrains (together with lost of user-tracking services and code -- this service getting worse/trying to make money). But ... maybe JetBrains can make some sort of Premium Disqus account so no ads will be used at all (no idea if it's possible though -- just a wild guess)..?


P.S. AdBlock/uBlock Origin seems to handle such ads just fine -- I see none.


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