How to set default search window "Open in Find Window"

Hello, how can I set the default so when I do a "find" it shows in the Find Window at the bottom, not in that popup?



Hi there,

It's only a preview -- it was like that even before .. but it was shown in separate tab so you may simply not seen it.

Right now -- after you have typed your search query -- just press Ctrl+Enter or click that button on the bottom right -- it will open search results in dedicated tool window just as before.


No no no no no no, I hate this preview window.  I don't want the preview window, I literally always want the find window.  This has messed with my workflow for months.  How do I get the preview window to go away and die forever?


very very happy to see this thread - this window has been one of my two biggest intellij pain points - and now that it's gone with a simple "registry" change, my life is much better.   Thank you!!


Ermahgerd after digging through Andriy's link I eventually found this:


Help > Edit Custom Properties

Create the file if it doesn't exist, then add this line:

Solves all your problems, baby.


Thank you Ian Cervantez - did the trick!


Remember to restart your IDE..


I'm a bit late, but thanks Ian Cervantez :)


Ian Cervantez, you are my hero! That stupid preview window was making me insane. Thank you!!


Any chance to make this a real option?

It feels like being hidden away means that it might be removed at some point and the popup search is a very poor substitute


Please check this comment for a workaround:
We don't plan to change the default behavior.


In the latest version of php storm (2019.2) this does not work anymore. 

This does replicate the search on enter behavior, but he modal looks like the new version (not the old)

This behavior is however annoying. The search function in phpstorm was what kept me using it anyway since it's kinda slow lately.

I'm officially not using php storm anymore. Thanks phpstorm team. I stopped using an editor I've been using for 6 years because of this.


I *really* hate the popup and I use the search constantly.  I can't seem to make it go away in 2019.2. 

  This no longer works: 


I would be OK with any keyboard only way of "listing symbol search results with previews" which doesn't require clicking on that tiny icon.

Previews are useful, please don't make them hard to reach for symbol search.




I've reverted to 2019.1.

I very rarely search to find a single item so the results list closing (and resetting the list scrollbar when re-opened...) is just not a convenient way of working. And for the second or so that the popup is open before I hit enter (to get a real list) it doesn't seem worthwhile wasting CPU cycles formatting a list of results.


Is there any way of replicating the behavior? I hate the popup window.


Another dissatisfied customer here after upgrading to WebStorm 2019.2.  I hate the Find popup, and you have seriously messed with my productivity by removing Additional demerits for silently removing features. My annual WebStorm subscription comes due on August 17.  I will be investigating alternatives to WebStorm between now and then.


Also dissatisfied, enough so that I am going to see what else is out there. Maybe something that doesn't cost as much and decides that I am not allowed to dock a window by default.


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