I get the following message:

2017-04-26 19:12:14.206359+0900 ColorsESL[3076:919542] libMobileGestalt MobileGestaltSupport.m:153: pid 3076 (ColorsESL) does not have sandbox access for frZQaeyWLUvLjeuEK43hmg and IS NOT appropriately entitled


2017-04-26 19:12:14.206532+0900 ColorsESL[3076:919542] libMobileGestalt MobileGestalt.c:550: no access to InverseDeviceID (see <rdar://problem/11744455>)

I have checked on the Internet and find this started appearing in the most recent release of XCode. It appears to come when an app combines UIKit with SpriteKit. No one seems to know what it means or what it is trying to say. The use of caps in the warning seems to suggest that it is important. Can you help?



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Tatiana Shabaeva
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The issue should be fixed by Apple team, unfortunately, nothing we can do here. Hope they resolve corresponding radar in future Xcode versions.

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