Moving projects to a new location


RubyMine 2017.1.1

Build #RM-171.4073.39, built on April 11, 2017
Windows 10 10.0

I would like to move my projects to another hard drive. Is there a way to do that from the RubyMine IDE? Otherwise, what's the best way to get it done?

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Hello Joseph, 

Well I see two possible ways:

1. Complicated - using feature, you can setup remote server (destination place), local and remote folder mappings and upload the project files to remote server. It's possible to do from IDE

2. Simple - compress folder with project, copy/paste it to the new place. After unpacking open project folder using file manager and remove .idea folder. Then open project in RubyMine, it will re-create project settings with new path.

By the way all setting can be Export/Import (File | Export/Import Settings...)

Let me know you it doesn't work for you for some reason.


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