Local color scheme changes persist after reinstalling color scheme plugin. Don't want it to do that.


Local cache of color schemes remain after uninstalling and reinstalling my own color scheme plugin I created. So my copy of the color scheme is different from the color schemes that my users will be seeing. How do I fix this issue?



I am a developer of a color scheme plugin. I mostly use Android Studio, but modify my color scheme on IntelliJ IDEA. Now it's been over a year since I last updated my plugin and I forget what I modified locally and what a user gets when they download my color scheme plugin.

So, I saved my current modified color schemes as a new custom color scheme, and reinstalled my color scheme plugin so I can see what changes I made locally.



The issue is that when I installed the color scheme again, all the previous modifications I made stayed!!

So my previously saved modified color scheme and the newly installed color scheme match 100%. However, that is not what my users will be getting, as I never pushed an update to the IDE's breadcrumb navigation (as one example), but I see my local changes again.

It appears that this information is stored locally in the IDE and survives IDE restarts, and apparently survives Invalidating caches.

So how can I remove the local cache of my color scheme so I can view my color scheme as my users will see it?



  1. Plugin Repository: Source of Truth
  2. IntelliJ IDEA: Should mirror the repo and be slightly ahead. Development occurs here. However, #1 and #2 are not the same. They are significantly different.
  3. Android Studio: This is my personal copy of the repo. I test new color combinations here and transfer it to #2 if I like it. It is usually always different from #1.

When I uninstalled the plugin from #2 and #3, and then reinstalled it on both, I expected both to perfectly aligned with the Repo (#1), but they all remained the same...like if a cache was used.


So, I tried to invalidate the cache and watched to see what files were remove in the File Explorer; however, the second time I invalidated the cache the issue appears to be resolved.


Your changes are stored in config/colors directory. Any copies of bundled schemes are named as _@user_<scheme name>. You can simply remove a user copy and it will be reset to defaults stored in bundled scheme. Another way is to use "Restore Defaults" action from a dropdown list at currently selected scheme (Settings|Editor|Colors & Fonts) which does the same.


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