Link local project to existing GitHub repository


Originally I forked an existing GitHub project to my own account, made a few minor changes using Notepad++ and then uploaded those changes to the repository manually. As I started making more and more changes I started using pyCharm for development, and a local Git repository for version control, but still manually uploading the changes to GitHub. But this has become a PITA. I want to link my local project to my existing GitHub repository so I can just use pyCharm's built in upload functions but I can't seem to find a way to do that. It has a feature to clone a project from GitHub and a way to create a new project on GitHub from my source, but I don't see any way to link my existing project to an existing repo on GitHub. Is that possible? If so how?

I can do it outside pyCharm using CLI if need be, as long as once I'm done I can use the upload feature in pyCharm to commit changes. But I'm not all that familiar with Git so if you could provide some guidance that would be appreciated.


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Never mind. I just cloned to a new directory, merged my local changes using WinMerge, then deleted the old folder and renamed the new one. Now it works.


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