How to open the 'Gear Icon' via a keyboard shortcut?

How does one open the Debugger console's Gear Icon with the keyboard? Once the icon is open the user can hit Ctrl-W to switch the Debugger to Windowed Mode, but how to get the relevant menu to display in the first place? Alternative methods of toggling Windowed Mode would be welcome.

It seems silly to have keyboard shortcuts for actions that can only be initiated via the mouse.

Vladimir Luchansky


Unfortunately there's no such shortcut at the moment and no option to do this via existing Keymap actions. From all the list of available actions only tool window mode (windowed/pinned/docked etc) is assignable with the shortcuts while each tool window list has a set of different options now accessible only via mouse.

Please feel free to submit the feature request to our tracking system at if you would like to have the option to open the list of settings for tool windows.


Thank you, I have filed a feature request here:


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