Is there a way to change the IntelliJ window icon?



I use IntelliJ in KDE in Linux. Does anyone know if there is a way to change its black "IJ" icon into a different one?

The current icon looks so similar to that of terminal windows, I'm constantly confusing the two, I miss the blue icon IntelliJ used to have, allowed me to switch to its window much faster and more intuitively :)

Where does the icon come from, is it an image file somewhere, or is it baked into the executable?


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You can change the icon resources inside IDEA_HOME/lib/icons.jar.

Also vote for

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Thanks! And glad I'm not the only one :)


EDIT: was not superstraightforward but got it to work, so posting for future readers: find icons.jar in the lib directory of your intellij installation path. Copy the jar to a new empty directory and extract it as a zip. Modify icon_small.png or iconCE_small.png to your liking (I used "invert colors" and then colorize to make it blue in Gimp, it's pretty slick in fact). Run the following command to put the new icon in the jar (overwriting the original inside it):
jar uf icons.jar icon_small.png
jar uf icons.jar icon_CEsmall.png
Then copy this new jar back to the original lib directory of IntelliJ, and (re)start IntelliJ.

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Every time IntelliJ updates to a new version this needs to be redone so it's not an ideal solution.

Adding an option to change it, or choosing a new default icon for IntelliJ that does not look similar to a terminal would be highly appreciated.


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Hey I noticed there now is a colored border around it. That is much better again, thanks so much for doing this! I wonder if it was done to tackle the looks-like-terminal problem or just a random branding change, but no matter what, I'm very happy with it :D


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