Toolbox update notifications after rolling back


I rolled back the last IDEA EAP so naturally the Toolbox is now informing me there's an update available, which of course I'm ignoring. Will there be some further notification when the next EAP is released?

(posting this here because there doesn't seem to be a dedicated forum for the Toolbox)

Official comment

Unfortunately, there will be no special kind of notification when new EAP build is available. Thanks you for your feedback, we will consider how to improve handling of rolled back builds.

Cheers Victor. It's not a huge issue but would be helpful. Perhaps when the user rolls back from an app version NN.nn you could add an app setting 'Ignore updates older than version NN.nn'


Thanks for a suggestion, Crispin! We thought about similar approach, but it doesn't solve all the issues. Often the problem is not in the updated IDE itself, but rather in unavailable, incompatible or buggy plugin. As soon as plugin is available it might be safe to update.

It is quite usual, there are corner case and we know many already :)


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