How can one find the version of the bundled PyCharm Community plugin?


Is there a way to easily map the bundled PyCharm Community plugin version to a PyCharm Community release? In the plugins menu, it lists PyCharm Community Edition for CLion Version 171.4073.41 (for CLion 2017.1.1). Is there a way to map this to a PyCharm Community release easily (e.g. PyCharm Community 2017.1.2)? Some times I find bugs in the bundled plugin and would like to know if it's already been patched in a future release of PyCharm that CLion just hasn't bundled yet. I'd like to be able to get a quicker feel for how up-to-date the plugin is.

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Hi, John.

There is no way to map minor releases like 2017.1.x, (because CLion and PyCharm may have slightly different minor release cycle), the build number (171.xxxx.yyy) should give the rough estimation of which is more up-to-date. Also feel free to report python-specific bugs to PyCharm tracker/support anyway, providing the plugin version number.


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