Can I pay a WebStorm expert for support

Many of my issues are described in comments here:


But I'm so completely hosed at this point that I really would rather have someone guide me through in an online session. I'd be happy to pay for support by JetBrains staff if they can reliably get me functional software. Obviously, I'd rather have it functional in the first place, but I don't know how to make it through that reporting path, so i'm stuck, and I want to get unstuck.


Is your problem solved finally , or you still need help?



I will need help if I use WebStorm on this computer. Currently working on a PyCharm project, where I don't seem to have the problem. I'll create a new issue if/when I tackle it. Meanwhile, just these recommendations:

-  to make it more clear in the documentation how to see the PID...

- to create videos explaining how to report, just to more quickly guide folks through.

- (Also, maybe address whatever's going on with the Markdown and Cordova plugins that seemed to have caused the prior problem?)

If the "indexing..." issue comes up again on either computer, I'll start a new issue.


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