Adding node.js core libraries to project are not saved


I like having the node.js source code available in my project, so I add it to my project libraries like so:

And this is like how it's added:

Now after restart its gone:

Am I doing something wrong?



To add node.js core modules as a library to your project, you normally need to press Enable next to Node.js core library  in File | Settings | Languages & Frameworks | Node.js and NPM



Note that Node.js Core library is not shown in External Libraries in Project tool window


What I am trying todo is add the SOURCE code of node.js to the "external libraries".


This is exactly what enabling Node.js core library does - it adds all .js files from Node.js core-modules as a library to your project


Here is a screenshot BEFORE enabling Node.js core library, see that "external libraries" is empty:



And AFTER I enable it, where External Libraries is still empty:


Again, what I am trying to achieve is adding the node.js source code to the "External Libraries".



As I wrote above, Node.js Core library is not shown in External Libraries.

If you like it being shown there, please vote for


OK, so back to my original issue, if you check my original post you'll see that I am adding node.js source code MANUALLY to the external libraries, and I can see it, like any other library that I add MANUALLY to the external libraries. BUT UNLIKE any other external library, once I restart WebStorm, the node.js source (which I added manually) is gone, while other libraries (which I added manually) stays - why is that? If my description is not clear I can upload a short video...




can't recreate in 2017.1.3 - library is still there after IDE restart.

My steps:

- copied core-modules folder to some location on disk (so that they are not located in `~\.WebStorm2017.1\config\javascript\nodejs\` where Node.js Core library is stored

- added this folder as a new library

- restarted WebStorm


Ah, I add it directly from "~\.WebStorm2017.1...", should it be a problem?


It will likely behave like standard Node.js Core library then


Ok, made a test, if I copy the core-modules to some folder and add it then it survives a restart, but if I add it directly from "c:\users\xxx\.WebStorm2017.1\..." then it doesn't survive restart...

I'll leave that to you to decide whether it's a bug or not... :)


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