Inline documentation of a class instance imported from another file.

I'm trying to get the 'Inline documentation' to work nicely for me. I've found a couple discrepancies. 

I have 2 files. '' and ''. '' is where I'm working and has the class 'Hello', and the file imports 'that'.'' contains the class 'World' which is the same as 'Hello'.



In '' the inline doc for 'a' in 'a = Hello()' says 'No documentation found', but I don't understand why it doesn't show the documentation for 'Hello'.

When I hover over 'a' in 'a = Hello()' and hold down 'CTRL' it can recognize the inferred type, but I cannot click on anything.

The documentation for 'a' in 'a.my_func()' says 'Inferred type: Hello' and I'm able to click on 'Hello' 

The documentation for b in 'b.my_func()' says the same thing, but for 'World', however, I'm not able to click on 'World'.

The doc for 'my_func' in 'b.my_func()' does actually recognize that it is of class world, and I can navigate.

The auto completion interface also recognizes that 'b' is of type 'World'

I've tried playing around with 'rtype' to no avail. Is there any reason why the doc interface is different for these? Ideally I would expect that the documentation would display on assignment, and the doc for the symbol would allow me to navigate even if it's being imported from another file.

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