All Passport.js methods are defined as "Unresolved function or method" by WebStorm


I was searched much in StackOverflow and JetBrains forums but haven't found yet the answer for me.

Why WebStorm marks all passport.js methods as "Unresolved function or method"?

I have passport.js in project dependencies, my Node.js is enabled and passport.js is installed there as well.


Try using Typescript stubs here: in Preferences | Languages & Frameworks | JavaScript | Libraries, press Download..., choose 'passport', press 'Download and Install'



Elena, thank you a lot, it works.

But it's not obvious that I need to have passport.js (must be in Node.js Libraries) in JavaScript Libraries.

Why it's not working properly without adding it in JavaScript Libs?


It's a known issue with resolving methods of exported module instance -


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