Debugging with remote SSH interpreter inconsistent

Trying to setup several users with debugging abilities with an SSH remote interpreter.  Most work fine with our existing run configuration, and listed below is what runs when it successfully completes:

ssh://root@localhost:2222/usr/bin/python -u /root/.pycharm_helpers/pydev/ --multiproc --qt-support --client ‘’ --port 42045 --file /code/ runserver

The following is what runs on the failing systems.

ssh://root@localhost:2222/usr/bin/python -u /root/.pycharm_helpers/pydev/ --multiproc --qt-support --client ‘’ --port 42045 --file /usr/local/bin/ /code/ runserver

The only difference being the /usr/local/bin/ file.  My understanding was whatever is listed in Additional Options is what is sent directly after the --file flag, which in our case is: runserver

All app settings/run configurations are identical between computers.  What may differ (not sure yet) is OS version (all Macs though) and PyCharm version. Where/how is /usr/local/bin/ being inserted into the command on these instances?  Is this known behavior in some version/combination of PyCharm?

Thanks for any insights!

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