Version 2017.1.4 Using a lot more CPU than the previous version

Since updating to Build #PS-171.4694.2 on the 16/05/2017, PhpStorm is using between 60% and 80% (sometimes over 90%) of my CPU. I think prior to this update it was running at around 50%. Exiting and restarting PhpStorm seems to help for a short amount of time and then all of a sudden the CPU usage jumps back up again. Memory usage appears to be about the same as previous versions. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? The processor I have is i3-4160 @ 3.60GHz so I'm wondering if I will need to upgrade to continue to use PhpStorm,

I have reverted back to Build #PS-171.3780.104 for now which works fine.


Hi there,

I suggest to collect performance info (see ) and submit all collected info using "Submit a Request" button on the top of this page. They may tell you what parts/plugins are consuming CPU resources.

P.S. Performance greatly varies from project to project -- I'd say that it mainly depends on what technologies are used, how many files are in the project, how code is written, how big files are + some other OS/computer specific nuances etc (other apps you run in background). But in general (based on what I saw on this forum) -- JavaScript projects (with lots of stuff in node_modules) seem to usually utilize more CPU than PHP code (even if you have quite a few composer packages).

I, for example, do see very little CPU usage on my projects (mainly PHP/HTML/CSS only; very little JS -- jQuery code/plugins at best) -- Core i5-3470 @3.20GHz, 16GB, Windows 10, local files (HDD; although system itself is on SSD)


Hi, thanks for your reply. I will submit the performance information when I get the chance as I will need to uninstall Build #PS-171.3780.104 and then reinstall it again afterwards as the latest version is pretty much unusable for me unfortunately.

I understand what you're saying regarding the technologies etc. but these comparisons were against exactly the same technologies and the same project so it is definitely an issue with the build itself.


Maybe it something to do with plugins that you have got installed there? Try disabling ALL non-bundled by default plugins to check how the big difference it would make (try it even with your 2017.1.3 version).

Here is partially similar thread (IDE is slow) and you will see that some people have found different reasons for their slowness: . Obviously, it's not the same situation (that one is more about difference in major versions (where lots of changes happening between versions) ... while your is minor version (when quite little of changes is possible -- mainly bug fixes/small improvements)).

But you are correct: technology stack is the same here and it's just a minor version update so such big change in performance (CPU usage at least) should not be really happening.


I know it's a bit late - but I made a small settings change and it fixed all my issues. I had major CPU usage on a 2016 TouchBar MBP. This is what I did:


Disable "Subpixel" font rendering, and swap to "Greyscale".


Preferences > Appearances > (Antialiasing) and make sure both are set to Greyscale.


Report back if it works so we can finally nail it, but I found no plugin caused this.


Unfortunately it's too late for me to try that as I have a more powerful PC now and PHPStorm is running ok now with no problems. Thanks to all that contributed to this thread though - much appreciated.


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