Build process stuck


Hi, I can't build any project when I try to run the main class.

Build process just keeps loading forever without showing any error.

Here are some pictures 

I run the community version x64 bit 2017.1.3 (build IC-171.4424.56).

Java x64 bit (sdk) 1.8.0_131.


I tried compiling and running a simple hello world project in cmd and works fine, also I tested on others IDEs and they work too.

I don't know if this is saying anything but java.exe in task manager remains at 77mb constantly while build process keeps loading. If I force end process on java.exe from task manager, the console pops up in intellij (check the link for pictures).

How can I fix it? Thanks.

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Try getting the thread dumps from the JPS (build) process to see where it's stuck:

File an issue at with the thread dumps and the logs attached (

See if disabling the antivirus/firewall helps.

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antivirus/firewall are turned off, also tried installed/uninstalled intellij/java/sdk several times + dl an older version of sdk and still didn't work.

I will post the issue with the logs in the link you specified @Serge


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Please see if the issue is still actual in the current IDE version: .


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