IntelliJ frequently hangs on MacOS


Using IntelliJ on MacOS Sierra, I frequenty encounter short hickups of the IDE.  Whenever I switch to a browser or other application and come back to IntelliJ, the IDE hangs for a few seconds.  The activity monitor shows, that the CPU usage goes up to about 300%.  After a few seconds, I can continue working, but it is extremely annoying.

Any idea what might go wrong here?





Please submit a performance problem at and attach the following:

1. Logs directory zipped (including the automatic thread dumps)

2. CPU snapshot:


I notice this too. Something in 2017 really changed around indexing and it's made it difficult to use IntelliJ. The 2016 performance was much better. Hmph. Do you happen to use a multi module maven project?


Didn't had the time to collect the info, but I'll try during the next days.

The project is a multi-module project, but not maven.  I'm developing and ionic / cordova / angular project.  Sure, the platforms folder, where everything gets build, is excluded.  However, the IDE very frequently thinks it has to re-index everything.  I can't see any reason to do so.  I just switch to another app and come back to the IDE.


I experience the exact same problem.  My project happens to be a (tiny) TypeScript based project.

Not sure the gradle issue you linked to is really the same issue.


Experience this issue a lot after upgrade to 2019.3


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