Failed to build IDEA .dmg bundle

Hi, I have build IDEA community edition, but when building I'm getting below error

Cannot extract win JRE: no ‘jbrex8…_x64.tar.gz’ file found

Where can I download the specified JRE. Further, how do I sign the the generated .exe files for windows?

Apart from that for macOs build .dmg file is not build and gives below error

A Mac OS build agent isn’t configured, dmg artifact won’t be produced.

How can I fix it?

Thanks in advance


Which branch of IDEA community sources do you use?

Regarding signing exe files and building dmg files: you need to provide implementation of SignTool interface, and define MacHostProperties in ProprietaryBuildTools' instance, see its javadoc for details.


I'm on branch 171.3780. I've configured ProprietaryBuildTools and was able to build the .dmg with a few hack. I was wondering from where can I download the jbrex8…_x64.tar.gz JRE. By default .dmg will not get build without the JRE.


Hi! You can download JBREX distribution from If you miss a particular version of it there, let me know and I'll upload it there or share it with you.


Hi Alexander,

I've used the jbrex8u112b724.6_osx_x64.tar version. I hope it is the stable version. Further, when I build IDEA, the build version was marked as a SNAPSHOT. Which branch should I checkout in order to build the 2017.01 release version? Currently I'm on 171.3780 branch.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Alexander,

I have modified the buildNumber variable with a default value as below, but it did not work

String buildNumber = System.getProperty("build.number","171.3780.1")

Although changing the value in build.txt file worked like a charm


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