Anguar4 Auto Import Components and Modules with single quote ' '

TSLint complains about import statements using two " " instead of ' ' single quotes.


Is there a way to update the angular4 auto import so that it adds modules with single quotes?  every time I import something I have to go back and change the quotes to single quotes manually.  Is this something that can be changed in settings? or does this require a core change of PHPStorm or Webstorm?




that worked for me.  


in PHP storm I had to goto 

Settings --> CodeStyle --> Typescript --> Punctuation [Tab] --> Use [Single] quotes in [New Code]




The same is true if you use the auto-format command, which is now built in to my muscle memory.  I auto-format the code constantly, and now it sends TSLint errors on every .ts page.


@andriy @zurie That did it.  Thank you!  


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