JSON Schema property completion

Dear All,

    I'm aware that I can have JSON Schema's imported and I can then use Webstorm to validate JSON files. This is most excellent.

However, what I would like to be able to do is quite different and I was wondering if anyone could provide any ideas.

We have a large schema that defines a markup language. We build objects in node js modules like so.

var bob = { fields: [{name: 'bobsson', type: 'string'}, {name: 'missbob', type: 'specialtype'}], procedures: [] };

Now, the field definition is much more complex than this, simply put I would like to be able to find out properties that have been defined in the schema when I'm inside a fields object.

I'm guessing there's no simple fix, but could the bob object be marked up in some way to say "bob will adhere to schema bob-type.json" and then provide code completion for the properties in the schema?

If anyone could piont me at an addon that does something similar, I may be able to write my own so any thoughts most welcom.

Most grateful for any help.

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Great idea, would be nice to have completion for json based on json schema same way XML has


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