Java debugger: Can I "remember" an object reference?


Is it possible in the debugger to store a reference to an object, so that I can later inspect it, even if it is no longer accessible via any variables in the then-current stackframes?

For example I am currently stopped at a Spring Bean constructor which creates and configures a connection manager. At a completely unrelated breakpoint I'd like to take a peek at that connection manager.

That should be possible, right? I mean I could create a singleton class with a static instance of Map<String, WeakReference<Object>> and use that to store and later reference the object by a name. So the debugger should be able to do it, too, right?


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Sure, first mark the object you need in the debugger tree (name it somehow - xxx for example). Any time after that you can inspect it's value by evaluating xxx_DebugLabel expression in evaluator.

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Thanks a lot! That works great.

It is a very well hidden feature, though: I can see no hint of this feature at all in IDEA itself. (Other than the code completion - that you wouldn't try to use if you didn't know that this feature exists.)

An explicit action to show all or specific marked objects would be great!


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