No Source File Navigation since latest version

Hello, currently since the latest version, there is no way to have an arrow near the source file to navigate to a object/class inside the file.


Sometimes we written code, where we have more than just a class and a object and with the latest version there is no way to open a tree structure and navigate directly trough a file.

Is there a way to revert to the old behavior?

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You can also use the Structure tool windows for that.

We've redesigned the project view to improve the UX in most typical cases, however, if you, historically, have lot of compound .scala files, you can use the mentioned tools to introspect them.

Ideally, you should avoid putting too many classes (especially, large ones) in a single .scala file, you can always use separate files for that. This will improve navigation outside of IDE, improve incremental compilation speed, etc.

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When you right click on the "Project" title bar of the project view, select "show members". You will then see a hierarchical view with files / classes+objects / methods

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well thanks, besides the fact that it will also show method/variable members, it's fine.


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