More structured text editor for TODOs?


I have a TODO.txt file in every project I work on, which is just a list of things to do, a record of what happened when I did them, any difficulties, etc. etc. This might potentially include code things like snippets, links, database values.

So far a normal text file has worked fine but I'm wondering if there is something better, particularly with folding, so as the file gets larger I can fold sections away. Markdown is the obvious candidate but neither of the plugins in Pycharm (markdown navigator, markdown support) has folding, and I am not interested in a separate preview window, I want to see the structure in the text while I'm writing it.

I also looked at the restructured text plugin but it doesn't have folding. I thought about html or haml but it's a bit over the top. The best plugin I've found so far is org4idea, which does have folding and comments.

Any other ideas?

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Found the answer, in case anyone is interested: YAML.

It has folding, comments, code highlighting (using 'Inject Language or Reference') and it will highlight numbers, arrays etc. All it needs is a colon to make a heading so you can pretty much just write normal text.


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