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In Preferences | Languages & Frameworks | JavaScript | Libraries, press Download..., select 'jest' from the list of available stubs, press Download and Install


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Followed the steps above on Webstorm latest release version. Nothing happens after clicking 'Download and Install'.

"In Preferences | Languages & Frameworks | JavaScript | Libraries, press Download..., select 'jest' from the list of available stubs, press Download and Install"

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works fine for me. Please recreate the issue and provide your idea.log (https://intellij-support.jetbrains.com/hc/en-us/articles/207241085-Locating-IDE-log-files). Please put the file on file server, don't paste its content here

If downloading via Languages & Frameworks | JavaScript | Libraries doesn't work for you, you can add typings manually by running `npm i @types/jest` in your project root folder

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trying to get this to work.  btw there is a related bug for what Alt talked about where Download and Install does nothing:


It's fixed in the latest EAP build of 2017.3.2.

Still, even with that, I am experiencing the same issue and can't get the underline to go away for it() and describe() by either doing Download and Install, or manually running the npm command.

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works for me. What library did you download?

If the problem persist after invalidating caches (File | Invalidate caches, Invalidate and restart), please share a sample project that shows up the issue

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Works partially in my case. For some reason IDEA could resolve "toBe" (with jump to declaration), but not "expect". But I use Yarn, not NPM, so that's could be the case, but it still annoying.

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If the problem persist after invalidating caches (File | Invalidate caches, Invalidate and restart), please share a sample project that shows up the issue

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Invalidating caches didn't help. I've created a sample project – https://github.com/h8/yarn_jest_ide_inspections

You can see, how it looks – expect is not recognized, while toBe – it is. Situation is the same on Linux (Ubuntu 17.10) and MacOS (10.13.2) systems. Node version is 9.3.0, Yarn 1.3.2. Everything else is in the package.json file. IntelliJ IDEA 2017.3.2 (Ultimate Edition)
Build #IU-173.4127.27

JRE: 1.8.0_152-release-1024-b8 x86_64
JVM: OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM by JetBrains s.r.o
Mac OS X 10.13.2

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reproduced; `expect` is actually resolved, but has a false 'Missing import' warning reported. https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/WEB-30236 is fixed in 2017.3.3

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Hi there.

I can't see any 'Jest' item in my PyCharm libraries list.

PyCharm 2017.3.3 Professional

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Switch from 'Official libraries' to 'TypeScript Community stubs':


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Same issue here, only the 'expect' keyword is not recognized.

When I try to download jest via Languages & Frameworks | JavaScript | Libraries like mentionned above, I get 'can not install Noe.js modul: Please specify npm or yarn package'.

I already have @types/jest in my package.json

(using WS 2018.1.5)

Edit :

It's now working just fine, but I don't get what did the trick haha (did not have to download jest)

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I've been having this issue lately after it used to work just fine. 

I have `@types/jest` working in all of my projects except for my most recent one, which stopped working once I ejected from CRA.

Strangely enough, if I delete all my project's `node_modules`, the the intellisense on Jest works just fine - but as soon as I run `yarn install` the intellisense stops working and I get the "Unresolved function of method xxx" error. So I suspect one of my packages are causing `@types/jest` to stop working.


What I've tried: 

1) All the methods discussed in here.

2) This workaround -> https://medium.com/front-end-hacking/fix-element-is-not-imported-jest-describe-it-expect-in-webstorm-aaf8c29ae3c2

3) Invalidating webstorm cache and restarting.

4) Reinstalling packages multiple times after deleting lock files


My current setup:

1) My Webstorm version is 2018.2.3

2) My `package.json` looks as follows:

"dependencies": {
"axios": "0.18.0",
"classnames": "2.2.6",
"dashjs": "2.9.0",
"get-countries-info": "1.2.1",
"lodash": "4.17.10",
"moment": "2.22.2",
"nuka-carousel": "4.3.5",
"prop-types": "15.6.2",
"querystringify": "2.0.0",
"react": "16.4.2",
"react-custom-scrollbars": "4.2.1",
"react-dom": "16.4.2",
"react-icons-kit": "1.1.7",
"react-image-fallback": "8.0.0",
"react-lottie": "1.2.3",
"react-player-controls": "0.5.21",
"react-redux": "5.0.7",
"react-router-dom": "4.3.1",
"react-select": "2.0.0",
"react-toastify": "3.3.4",
"redux": "4.0.0",
"redux-promise": "0.6.0",
"redux-thunk": "2.3.0",
"uuid-validate": "0.0.3"
"devDependencies": {
"autoprefixer": "9.1.5",
"babel-core": "6.26.3",
"babel-eslint": "9.0.0",
"babel-jest": "23.4.2",
"babel-loader": "7.1.2",
"babel-preset-react-app": "3.1.2",
"babel-runtime": "6.26.0",
"case-sensitive-paths-webpack-plugin": "2.1.2",
"chalk": "2.4.1",
"css-loader": "1.0.0",
"dotenv": "6.0.0",
"dotenv-expand": "4.2.0",
"enzyme": "3.6.0",
"enzyme-adapter-react-16": "1.4.0",
"enzyme-matchers": "6.0.4",
"eslint": "5.5.0",
"eslint-config-prettier": "3.0.1",
"eslint-config-react-app": "2.1.0",
"eslint-loader": "2.1.0",
"eslint-plugin-flowtype": "2.50.0",
"eslint-plugin-import": "2.14.0",
"eslint-plugin-jest": "21.22.0",
"eslint-plugin-jsx-a11y": "6.1.1",
"eslint-plugin-prettier": "2.6.2",
"eslint-plugin-react": "7.11.1",
"extract-text-webpack-plugin": "3.0.2",
"file-loader": "2.0.0",
"fs-extra": "7.0.0",
"generate-react-code": "1.3.0",
"husky": "0.14.3",
"html-webpack-plugin": "3.2.0",
"jest": "23.5.0",
"jest-enzyme": "6.0.4",
"jest-mock-console": "0.4.0",
"lint-staged": "7.2.2",
"moxios": "0.4.0",
"node-sass-chokidar": "1.3.3",
"npm-run-all": "4.1.3",
"object-assign": "4.1.1",
"postcss-flexbugs-fixes": "4.1.0",
"postcss-loader": "3.0.0",
"promise": "8.0.1",
"prettier": "1.14.2",
"raf": "3.4.0",
"react-dev-utils": "5.0.2",
"redux-devtools-extension": "2.13.5",
"redux-logger": "3.0.6",
"resolve": "1.8.1",
"style-loader": "0.23.0",
"sw-precache-webpack-plugin": "0.11.5",
"url-loader": "1.1.1",
"webpack": "3.12.0",
"webpack-dev-server": "2.11.3",
"webpack-manifest-plugin": "2.0.3",
"whatwg-fetch": "2.0.4"
"babel": {
"presets": [

3) My `eslintrc.json` file looks as follows:

"env": {
"browser": true,
"es6": true,
"jest/globals": true,
"jest": true,
"node": true
"globals": {
"process": true,
"localStorage": true,
"customScrollHandler": true,
"customOnScrollEvent": true
"extends": [
"parserOptions": {
"ecmaVersion": 6,
"sourceType": "module",
"ecmaFeatures": {
"jsx": true
"plugins": ["react", "jest", "prettier", "jsx-a11y"],
"settings": {
"react": {
"version": "16.4.2"
"rules": {
"class-methods-use-this": "off",
"semi": ["error", "always"],
"no-console": ["error", { "allow": ["warn", "error"] }],
"react/jsx-handler-names": "off",
"import/no-namespace": "off",
"import/namespace": "off",
"import/prefer-default-export": "off",
"import/default": "off",
"react/prefer-stateless-function": "off",
"react/jsx-curly-brace-presence": ["error", { "props": "never", "children": "ignore" }],
"jsx-a11y/click-events-have-key-events": "off",
"jsx-a11y/media-has-caption": "off",
"jsx-a11y/no-static-element-interactions": "off",
"jsx-a11y/label-has-for": "off",
"jsx-a11y/no-noninteractive-element-interactions": "off",
"jsx-a11y/href-no-hash": "off",
"jsx-a11y/anchor-is-valid": "off"


Any help will be appreciated!

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Please can you provide screenshot(s) that show up the issue?

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For what it's worth I was experiencing the exact same symptoms. @types/jest installed in Webstorm and by yarn. Turns out I had specified typeRoots: [ <somePath> ] without specifying node_modules as well. So I removed the typeRoots entry which I no longer needed and it now works as expected

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I thought I had the same issue but then I realized it's not WebStorm but ESLint that was complaining about it.  So I simply added jest to my .eslintrc:

"env": {
"jest": true

Hover the mouse cursor on the underlined expect and look at the pop-up if it says ESLint.

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Manually adding the folder containing my node modules helped with this. File > Settings > Languages and Frameworks > JavaScript > Libraries > Add

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got to  Languages & Frameworks | JavaScript | Libraries | Download | then type " expect " 

downloading ( expect ) library should solve the auto-complete issue for ( expect ) , so if you face the same problem with ( express ) library then u should donwload express library and so on .



watching this short video should give you an explanation why this issue exists . 

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Just install

npm install --save-dev @types/jest
yarn add --dev @types/jest

This worked for me.

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I've just installed the latest EAP  (via snap in Ubuntu) and hit the issue again. I fixed it as Lkaruhanga suggested in his comment. I have @types/jest installed in my package.json. I referenced manually the folder node_modules/@types/jest in Intellij settings screen: File | Settings | Languages & Frameworks | JavaScript | Libraries

My EAP version is:

IntelliJ IDEA 2020.2 EAP (Ultimate Edition)
Build #IU-202.4357.23, built on May 27, 2020
IntelliJ IDEA EAP User
Expiration date: June 26, 2020
Runtime version: 11.0.7+10-b912.1 amd64
VM: OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM by JetBrains s.r.o.
Linux 4.15.0-101-generic
GC: ParNew, ConcurrentMarkSweep
Memory: 1923M
Cores: 8
Non-Bundled Plugins: com.intellij.plugins.html.instantEditing, org.intellij.scala, training
Current Desktop: ubuntu:GNOME
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I had this problem (WebStorm 2020.2.1) and fixed it by

1) installing @types/jest as Elena Pogoroleva suggested and also install ts-jest package as a dev dependency

2) add this entry in tsconfig.json:

"compilerOptions": {
"types": [

If using tslint instead of eslint, install package tslint-jest (as a dev dependency) and add this entry to tslint.json:

"extends": [

Hope this helps.


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