Angular4 / Typescript Not filtering .js and .map and template refrences not command clicking to goto source

I have an angular4 project that I've been working on with 1 computer.  I used git to move and push files between computers and on my second machine when I open the project it doesn't seem to have the same configuration settings and properties as the first.  Should I copy over the hidden .idea folder? or is there a way to get the "new" computer to recognize that this is an angular-cli project and invoke some defaults?   On the good computer I only see .ts files and a carrot that allows me to expand and show the .js and  How would I get this behavior on the new computer?  could this be solved by simply telling the new computer this is somehow an angular-cli project?  Thanks!


when mousing over for example:

templateUrl: './about.component.html',

on my good mac it will command + click to goto the file,

on the other mac it doesn't and instead says


"Cannot find declaration to goto"


figured it out.  I disabled the AngularJS plugin thinking that it was for v1 and not realizing it supported both v1 and v2+


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