arrow keys not working in linux (ubuntu 14)

I recently started using webstorm in ubuntu 14, and all of my "special" keys - tab, special characters, etc - work except for all 4 of the arrow keys.  When I press them nothing happens.  I went into project/keymap (thinking that might be where the fix is), and changed it from default xwin to visual studio and eclipse but that didnt make a difference (I restarted ws each time).  I saw you have a "move tab left and right" plugin, but the tab key isnt the problem, so I didnt install it.

This has been consistent, they have never worked.  They do work if I open the file in the default ubuntu simple text editor or vs code. It isnt project specific, I have a few projects and the same thing happens.

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Found the corresponding issue:

The cause was that keymaps disappeared for standard keys like the arrow keys (typically after an upgrade). The fix is to restart from a fresh keymap and re-add your custom keymaps (or if it's faster to re-add the standard key mapping). Unfortunately merging may be hard, but you can try to reimport keymap settings exported before the crash, hoping the bug won't come back, or modify the xml manually by adding just the changes you need from a backup of the keymap xml you were using. If you do so, remember to close the IDE first.


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