Custom activity after VCS refresh


Is there some way to hook in my own Activity upon VCS refresh completion?
Something similar to com.intellij.openapi.startup.StartupActivity perhaps; though that one doesn't suit my needs.

What I would like to do in my plugin is VCS-ignore all the (Maven) overlay folders in my project. Currently using ChangeListManagerImpl.getInstanceImpl(project).unversionedFiles to get to the unversioned files, but this does not give any results until after VCS refresh is completed.
Perhaps I should also use some other means to get to these unversioned files (don't really like the fact that I'm using an Impl class here). I'm open to suggestions :)




Try ChangeListManager#invokeAfterUpdate().

As per the original task, don't you know in advance the patterns of the files you want to ignore? You could just add these patterns to .gitignore then.


Thanks, that's what I was looking for.

I might still use the ignore facility provided by Subversion, if putting it in my plugin proves too much trouble.
Didn't want to go there initially because then I would have to configure that for tens of projects. If I put it in a plugin, I'll just have to do it once :)



You can use a plugin to set up .svnignore. Or you may use IDEA's ignored patterns as well.


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