latest eap locks up on complex (shapeless) code

Hi, I've got the latest eap. But intellij keeps locking up when it tries to open certain files that involve a lot of shapeless implicits. These may or may not be things that also cause compiler problems. I can't tell because I can't fix the code to try compiling, because my ide is broken ..

First symptom is memory usage rapidly grows to close to the max memory then it just sits there.

It's a big multi-project build and the problem occurs when I try and edit files in the very last sub-project in the dependency tree (i.e. the one that includes almost everything else).

Given there's a lot of proprietary code in there, and assuming you want to fix it, what's the best way to let you guys have a look at it?

(PS I am a paying customer!)




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Hi Tim,

Could you please capture a memory snapshot at the time when this problem occurs? The problem might be project-specific, so having the relevant snapshot will help us to troubleshot the issue.

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Can you also try the latest nightly build of scala plugin for IDEA 2017.2 EAP? 


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