Confused about how to start new project

I'm sorry if I'm asking a dumb question but I'm very confused...

I've been using netbeans and am trying to learn to use phpstorm for my joomla projects/

I have the following directory structure...
my "template" is in projects..
and as you can see is strictly the template itself.
In netbeans I would copy on save/change to the local wamp install which is a full joomla installation but I copy the files directly to the template as shown.

so its synced AND ftp to the remote server so its synced...

Lastly when I think its reasonable to do so I would push to git.  
I don't know how to do this with phpstorm.  

I tried setting it up but when I got to the deployment step it was confusing as I don't know exactly what its asking me..

When I go to the next step I don't see a valid option..

I took a guess at how to do it and its totally wrong :(

I appreciate any and all help.




I always fin cumbersome to configure phpstorm. Good luck hope it ll not waste your time as mime


First of all: what files are you planning to work on (edit): c:/google_drive/server/project/embryo or c:/google_drive/server/wamp64/www/embryo/templates/embryo or something else on FTP?


I prefer to work only in the project folder itself.


Thanks. So what's wrong with the last screenshot?

You want to start a new project based on files from "c:/google_drive/server/project/embryo"?


yes, and if you notice all the non-folder files are red meaning locked(?)
Shouldn't I only be seeing the project files?

Vladimir Luchansky


By the highlighting it looks like they are simply unversioned:

Check View > Tool Windows > Version Control > Local Changes: Unversioned files.


I still haven't gotten to 1st base with phpstorm... It's really frustrating as I can see where it will be better then NetBeans but I can't get anything done in it.


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