Error running [Target Name]: Product not found for target


I deleted some cache files yesterday, and since then I can't build and debug my code anymore.
When I press clean and then on the bug icon to run and debug the app, it shows the following error:

When I press build it builds the app. When I then press "debug" it opens the app in simulator and debugs the app. But when I change code and press "debug" again, it just opens the app without compiling. 

What can I do to make AppCode build, run and debug again when pressing the debug (bug icon) button?


Tatiana Shabaeva
Official comment

As figured out in support request, the problem was in missing "Build" step in the "Before launch" section for specific run configuration.

I've got the same problem with unit tests. I always have to build first. If I just click run or debug it will not build even if there are changes to the code. 


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