Support for Tizen HTML app development

My team has been developing apps for Samsung's Tizen TV platform for a while. They use WebStorm IDE to write the code and Tizen Studio IDE to deploy the app on the TV.

Keeping two IDEs is not a pain in the ass, but we were wondering if WebStorm can be a complete replacement for Tizen Studio.

I have a few questions in this regard:

1) Could a configuration of WebStorm be done to package/build, create the certifications and all necessary steps to deploy the JavaScript/HTML app to the TV using the Tizen development CLI? Is it possible? And if it's possible, why hasn't it been integrated into Webstorm yet? Could the team behind WebStorm elaborate a step-by-step document showing how to configure WebStorm using the Tizen CLI?

2) If it's not possible, could Jetbrains work with Samsung in partnership to develop such tools in WebStorm, maybe a plug-in? 

Some of our devs are moving to different IDEs like Visual Studio Code, since working with WebStorm has been pretty much to write code. Our goal is to use WebStorm IDE only and eliminate Tizen Studio IDE completely.

Thank you.



WebStorm provides no support for Tizen, and I'm not aware of any plans to support it in the future. As you are the very first client asking for it, I doubt that there is much demand for such feature...

The best thing I can suggest for now is using external tools (Settings | Tools | External Tools) to run Tizen CLI commands; or, you can develop your own plugin that would include special run configurations for Tizen packaging, deployment, etc. See for some hints.

Feel free to ask questions at Note also that you can check opensource plugins available at


There's totally more demand for it! And I'm not the very first one to ask here. You should search your own database before making that assumption:

 If you google it, you will find more.


Our devs are not Java developers, but I appreciate your suggestions.



I'm interested in such plugin for Intellij too, because I'm starting building web app for Tizen powered TV screens and it is really hard to use Tizen IDE.

So right now I run Tizen IDE alongside with Intellij to build and test app. I will try to set it with cli commands, hope it will be better.


Anybody who has used Tizen Studio in whatever version for developing TV applications would concur that the IDE is just awful. It's full of bugs, crashes and freezes all the time, and sometimes flat-out doesn't work. Currently, it is useless for me on Windows 11 because the device manager will not open, purportedly because it cannot find DLLs that absolutely exist (in the same place they exist in Windows 10!). Tizen Studio is hot hammered s*** and I would absolutely pony up the money for something better to use from JetBrains. Please reconsider adding support. It would make so many people's lives so much better!


Unfortunately, we don’t have enough resources right now to invest in this direction. However, we might reconsider our decision later depending on the market change.


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