PyCharm Professional Portable


I am trying to install PyCharm Professional on my work laptop, but don't have sufficient rights to do so. Is there any chance to offer a portable version? I did not have any luck finding one via Google.

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Hi Philipp,

Portable installation is possible, please see the answer at . See also for the PyCharm directories location and for the instructions how to change it. 

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hi Anna,

I am relatively a similar situation like Philipp above. I have a pro license and have it on my private laptop.

I am working now for a company where I can have only a portable version installed (which I do- have the community version there)- I have no admin rights.

for me the question is if I can transfer my pro license to my portable version on my company pc and therefore enjoy the scientific mode and other benefits.

thank you,

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Hi, it's not possible to upgrade an already installed Community edition to Professional.

You can install Professional edition, make it portable according to the above instructions, and then you can use your license without any problems.

Let me know if you have any additional questions.


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