vtkpython as project interpreter in pycharm?


VTK has good Python support. On my Mac Book Pro, it builds a variant of Apple's preinstalled version of 2.7.10 and installs the variant in /usr/local/bin. The variant is named "vtkpython." I'd like to use it as a project interpreter in PyCharm, but PyCharm won't let me select or add  /usr/local/bin/vtkpython as a project interpreter. PyCharm complains that it's ~"not a suitable home for a Python SDK."~ I'd be grateful for advice, even a workaround. Would changing the name from vtkpython to python do the trick?


Hello Brian,
PyCharm recognizes interpreters which start with "python" so as workaround try to rename "vtkpython" to "python". Does it help?


That seems to do it. Thanks!


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