AppCode trashed my settings at subscription renewal



My license expired today as i didnt provide a credit card to do automatic updating so i had an alert telling me do it manually, ok. 

I updated my license at the site and entered new license in running AppCode, it confirmed valid license and everything seemed cool. 

20 minutes later AppCode force quitted as of license expired. When I start it again I get 

Cannot load settings from file '/Users/markus/Projects/xxxx/xxxx/.idea/workspace.xml': Error on line 9: The content of elements must consist of well-formed character data or markup. Please correct the file content

Tatiana Shabaeva
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Hi Marcus.

I've created IDEA-175300, please watch the ticket since additional information (like idea.log, etc) might be required. It would be also helpful if you specify AppCode version you're using.

Tatiana Shabaeva
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Could you please see the comment in IDEA-175300 and provide the info requested?


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