Some issues getting started

It's been a long time, since I tried my hand at an IntelliJ plugin.

  • Why is
    talking about adding a module for the plugin to the intellij-community project itself?
    (The next chapter "Creating a Plugin Project" creates a separate project anyway...?=
  • When I try to setup my Platform Plugin SDK, IDEA does not let me select the "IDEA jdk" that I setup according to instructions. It only offers the "1.8" jdk:
  • I need to depend on the gradle plugin. I added
    to my plugin.xml, but how do I access classes from that plugin (org.jetbrains.plugins.gradle.util.GradleConstants)?
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Hi Stephen,

I also got stuck at the beginning for a long time.. I think I can answer some of your questions.

1. If you follow the "create a plugin project" tutorial, you do not need to create a separate module because the wizard already create the module for you. Namely, the module is your plugin that you are working at. 

2. Make sure your "IDEA jdk" is a "JDK" instead of a "Platform SDK".

Patrick Scheibe
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All this is not required when you want to develop a plugin and the documentation is confusing and out of date. There was already a long thread about this and you might want to check out my answer there.


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Thanks for the answers! I got my little plugin up and running!


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