Rubymine- Cucumber runner includes descriptions in scenario line

Thanks for the excellent integration with cucumber in a rubymine, it makes my life a lot easier but I have small feature suggestion.

If I have a cucumber feature file that contains a description that description is concatenated with the scenario name when I run the feature. There is never enough space to display it and it runs on directly from the Scenario title which can be hard to read. It would be more useful as tooltip where it could be easier to read.


Scenario: This is my scenario title 

This is my description of the scenario that will get concatenated with the scenario when I run it

Given some condition

When I do a thing

Then something happens


This is how it looks 


For any meaningfully long description this will result in it eventually being hidden by the vertical dividing line , a tool tip would be more useful and less intrusive.

In an extreme case someone could have a short description which when concatenated with a short scenario could make it confusing which scenario is which.

Typically in my usage descriptions are warnings about the fragility of the test or fixtures so should IMHO be visually separated from the scenario title




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Hello, thanks for paying attention on this, I've filed a new usability problem Please vote for it.


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