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Iam new to RubyMine,used eclipse in the past. we are using SVN for code and i know we have feature in eclipse to check what changes are in svn code done by others by selecting project --> Team --> Synchronize with Repository (which will give the changes others have done to code which we did not take the update). 

Is there something similar option in RubyMine 7.1.5 tool which can be used to check the code conflicts and code change done by others.

Thanks in Advance and Appreciate your time to answer this question.

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Hello, welcome to RubyMine:) Looks like you need Update feature, please see more in help topic:

Feel free to ask more, by the way there is a Slack channel for RubyMine community, it's possible to ask there any questions:


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Thanks for the response. Quick question when update project or Update file is done through ruby mine will it overwrite my local file changes ? I dont want to overwrite my changes but take the update selectively and ignore the onces that i want to overwrite with my local code.

Is there an option in rubymine to achieve this? 

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sorry for the delay. Update won't overwrite your local changes. If there're no conflicts between your changes and changes that come with update, then the operation will be finished successfully. Otherwise you'll be prompted to resolve conflicts. In addition, you can also update only certain folders.




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