Invalid VCS root mappings when creating project from version contro



I'm want to clone the OTP repository from Git ( and it returns me the following messages:

8:17 Can't start Git: git.exe
Probably the path to Git executable is not valid. Fix it.

18:17 Invalid VCS root mapping
The directory C:\Users\paula\Git\OpenTripPlanner is registered as a Git root, but no Git repositories were found there.

How can I fix it?


Thank you,



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Make sure the project was cloned and not downloaded as a zip into the directory you are using (there should be C:\Users\paula\Git\OpenTripPlanner\.git directory on your disk).

Also check that you have the correct path to git.exe specified here:

If you don't have Git, you can install it from

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Will this happen each time I move my local repo from one folder to another? 

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I had the same problem. When I tried to clone the project an error occurred. Then I used the zipped version of my project and faced this problem. Can't we solve this problem with the zipped version?

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The zipped version does not include a git repository with it, only the recent version of the code. If zip includes the .idea/vcs.xml file which stores the mappings, IDE expects a git repository to be present at the configured path and reports an error if there is no repo.

This seems a valid behavior. So to prevent the message you need either to remove the mapping if you don't want the project to be tracked in git anymore or clone in instead of downloading zip, if you want git and the project history.

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For me it helped to check VCS directories under Preferences > Version Control and removed the red ones which were already included in .idea/vcs.xml file via Preferences > Version Control form and apply changed settings after removing red marked folders.


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