Web project with Python facet, all Python imports are unrecognized


If I create a simple Python project, it all works fine. But I have a older web project with mainly PHP code. It has a Python facet so I can edit a few Python files in the project. IntelliJ can't find the Python libraries.

It underlines all the imports and claims there is "No module named ..." and auto-completion fails.

The Python facet only has one thing to configure, the interpreter, and that is set.  Any known fixes for this?



Please try to re-add your python interpreter to the IDE to launch skeletons regeneration. Does it help?


I didn't find a place to do that under "Preferences..." where I first looked. But I was able to add a new one in "Module Settings", on the Python facet, and it worked. It recreated skeletons and the errors went away. Thanks!



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