PHPStorm still slow on Mac


I know this problem is not new, just wanted to know if someone in between found a proper solution to keep PHPStorm more or less fast on Mac. I played around with nearly every option that is available. If everything (default) is on my Macbook Pro gets so hot that I can't touch it between keyboard and display. The fans turn like mad and the working time wtihout power is going down to about 2 hours. Funny that the CPU is not always on several 100%'s at that time but you can feel how PHPStorm gets slower and slower (inserting, scrolling takes seconds till something happens.

One thing to keep my Macbook Pro calm is to activate the option "Power Save Mode" with the loss of many nice features. Scrolling and moving os working fine then but inserting of a simple line takes still seconds.

Any hint is welcome.



Tayger, in every case there were different root causes causing slowness.

  • Are you working with locally stored files?
  • Please archive & upload somewhere for us to inspect logs files + thread dumps from log directory (Help > Show log in ...).
  • Check the performance in EAP build

Make sure to test it with all custom plugins disabled


I have created it in bug report where I could upload the log files:


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