Vagrant does not work after update VirtualBox and Vagrant

After updating VirtualBox and Vagrant (Rubymine was very slow) everything that was related stopped working. I uninstalled Rubymine and reinstalled a clean install. Right now informing correctly, the list of boxes does not appear. If all db: example migrate the message appears:

/home/vagrant/.rbenv/versions/2.3.0/bin/ruby -e '$stdout.sync=true;$stderr.sync=true;load($0=ARGV.shift)' C:/Users/joseh/dev/sites/rails/ciben/bin/rake db:migrate
bash: line 0: cd: C:/Users/joseh/dev/sites/rails/ciben: No such file or directory
-e:1:in `load': cannot load such file -- C:/Users/joseh/dev/sites/rails/ciben/bin/rake (LoadError)
from -e:1:in `<main>'

Process finished with exit code 1

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Hello, most possible it might be a reason could you please check which version of Virtual Box do you have. If not the same, then please attach all log files (Help | Show Log in Explorer).


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