Error Loading Package List


Hi all,

I recently installed pycharm. I'm having an issue with packages though. When I try to install packages I get the error "Error loading package list:connect timed out". I have looked online but can't seem to find any resources on this particular issue. Other that this Pycharm seems to be working fine. Any help would be much appreciated!


Hello! Do you have a stable Internet connection? Do you use or a custom packages server like devpi? Are you able to open in browser?


I have the same problem, I do have a stable internet connection, but i cannot seem to get around this problem


I just resolved a similar problem connection refused . I figured out that , it was because the site was not reachable when requesting from pycharm but it was reachable from browser. So, it has something to do with the proxy correct ! .. Yes, it was the proxy .. Please try changing the proxy setting to the relevant one. These settings can be changed in Settings Setting menu. Hope this helps ! 

In my case, I had to find out the proxy settings in a hard way ! 


I just resolved the similar problem! It turns out since that my campus network requires a proxy, you need to change the proxy on PyCharm too! Just type in "Proxy" and configure it by yourself! Good luck!


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