Colours & fonts, file status not available


I've been copying the same colour scheme between different versions of IDEA for years now. How do I update an old scheme so its fully compatible with the current version of IDEA?

I want to change the file status colours as the uncommitted and modified in another changeset defaults are almost identical and IDEA just says 'not available'?

Are there other defaults my scheme might be missing? can't IDEA just merge missing keys? so the UI still works?

framework.pack.js is in another changeset (all others red looking copies are not in VCS).


So its not going to be fixed as those related tickets are all marked as declined, duplicate and answered with no fixed in build or fix in version ? clear as mud.


Also doesn't work if you switch to default and make a copy of that theme to recustomize it. It literally only works for default or darcula themes and nothing else.


Anything to gain by voting on a declined ticket?


File status colors do not belong to the editor and they must be compliant with the currently selected IDE theme. In version 2017.2 you have to temporarily switch to either Default or Darcula and configure the colors for the light or of the dark IDE theme respectively. In version 2017.3 file status colors will be taken away from color scheme completely to avoid any confusion.  They will have their own configurable under VCS, you will not have to change any currently selected Editor scheme to edit them anymore.


I have similar question. I am accessing IDEA from my laptop, that is connected through Remote Desktop and there is such notification

My issue is, that I have generated files across the project, that are marked in .gitignore, but they are not showing of gray color. Can this message (the fact, that I am using IDEA in such way) be somehow responsible for it? Asking because usually when I work directly with IDEA on laptop, those generated files are marked as gray as expected.

Thank you.


Actually IDE doesn't check .gitignore file:

Probably, you are using "gitignore" plugin in IDEA on laptop:


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