Unused method : how to suppress inspection

I get a gulley full of `unused method` warnings in all my api implementation modules.  as shown below

fyi they are all used, it is just that WebStorm cant figure it out.  I can do without the bogus warnings, and focus on real issues.


tia -- Yves


Hit Alt+Enter on a highlighted method, then hit Right and choose 'Suppress for statement'. See https://www.jetbrains.com/help/webstorm/2017.2/suppressing-inspections.html#d218445e68


Nice stock answer Elena, but unworkable

  • i only get 'delete method blabla' from alt-enter or bubble.
  • If i run inspection, i only get 'suppress statement' . If i do, it suppresses them all !!!! but does not refresh the inspection resuts. I have to rerun it;
  • Finally, i saw that (probably a bug) WebStorm had added a statement. THAT is the right way to do it imnsho.  Is there a list of the available `noinspection` pragma values somewhere ??? (also, you should add THAT to your on-line documentation).  Reason : i can do this in code templates , i can type it much faster than forever (mouse-menu-panel-click-click-mouse-select-mouse-apply)

     // noinspection JSUnusedGlobalSymbols

also, not to mention the mandatory invalidate caches and restart.


>i only get 'delete method blabla' from alt-enter or bubble.


Please hit Right arrow key after hitting Alt+Enter, or press the > button next to 'delete method blabla' 


Ah thank you Elena, today was a good day (I learned something :) )


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