Stevia not working properly


I am using AppCode 2017.2, Build #OC-172.3317.89, built on July 20, 2017, Mac OS X 10.12.4.

I use the auto-layout DSL Stevia ( which extends (not sure how, but I guess through extensions) all UIViews with methods and fields. In the version of AppCode that I run the methods on the views are not found and produce an error. This code does not generate errors in the stable branch of AppCode.


Build #OC-172.3317.89:

AppCode 2017.1.3, Build #OC-171.4694.27, built on June 7, 2017:

the openChartsIcon is just an ordinary UIImageView that is extended by the Stevia import.


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Tatiana Shabaeva
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Hi Marcus.

Which version of Stevia are you using (3.2.0 or ?), what Xcode version is selected in Preferences | Tools | Xcode for AppCode 2017.2 / 2017.1.3 and what version of Swift are you using in that app target?

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