Normal undo/redo behavior

Is there any way to make undo/redo behave 'normally' ? Sometimes undoing and redoing breaks some state, which means I lose code. Sometimes it undoes way too much, way before this file opened, maybe even before this session. Sometimes it removes or unremoves a file! Not related to the file I'm in.

I don't want smart, assistive super AI undo/redo. I want to undo and redo as many times as I want without breaking state. Changing a cursor shouldn't break a redo path! Closing a file should remove all undo state. Etc. Just the normal simple kind...


As you know, Undo/Redo is global, that's why you're seeing all these side effects.
Here's the feature request, please vote:


I did not know. That's very discomforting. And an 11 year old issue doesn't bode well.


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